June 9, 2014

Get Well Card

A "Get Well" card always comes in hand. Pull out your good old Cuttlebug and lets get embossing:

I run the blue paper strip through the Cuttlebug with a nice floral design. The Grey strip was embossed with a lacy border folder. 
To make the lace show up even bigger I used my scissors to trip around the edge of the embossing. Just a fuzzy cut, nothing to detailed.
I think it brings out the lace much better, don't you? 

 For the bow I used three strips of striped paper. The bow is very easy to create if you have one of these envelope boards. You take the longer piece, fold the sides back so they meet in the middle and adhere (just at the end). Place the tinny strip around the middle of the bow just created. Now place the whole bow part onto the base. The base strip has two nudges at each end. OK, :-) this instruction is for those of you who ordered my card kit to assemble at home. If you don't have the parts, but you would like to create the bow, please feel free to contact me.

To assemble the card, place the green design paper onto the card base leaving just a small rim around the sides. Adhere the blue strip on the bottom of the base. Use the grey lacy border to cover up the seam. Adhere bow directly to card and place Get Well tag with foam dots to card.....

.... Stay tuned for the next Hot Air Balloon Card

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