March 30, 2015

New ... Season Expressions Book 2

This is the new Close to My Heart Expressions 2 Book which will be available for you on April 1st.

Contact me if you like a copy of this brand new edition to our annual Idea Book. You will also find the book online on my website. 

Just click HERE... on April 1st!

Let's give you a little preview of some of the items to come:

Two awesome new paper packs named "Blossom" and "Jackson". "Jackson" will finally be something for the men in your life. You can see the samples of each pack on the picture here. The top one is "Jackson" and the bottom one is "Blossom".

I also love the new sequins packs in wonderful summer colors "Oceanside" and "Coral Reef".... Love it! And wait until you see the new rolls of Washi Tape...

Some gorgeous new stamp set will also be available, so stay tuned for more artwork to come in the next few months...

A new "Picture My Life" set from the "Jackson" design will also be available.

There are so many new products to talk about, so make sure to check out the new Expressions Book 2 on April 1st. 

Let me know what paper pack is you favorite and what artwork you would like to see here....

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