May 25, 2015

MegaMeet in Novi - Review

This years MegaMeet was held on May 7th until May 9th and like always it was a lot of fun. Lot's of fun classes, great deals and many new vendors, so were do I start?

Lets start with the classes:

This year we didn't attend any of the classes, not because there was a lack of, oh no! It was more because nothing really jumped out to us. But this is my personal opinion and everybody has their own likes of things. Even so I didn't attend any classes this year, I know from previous years that they are always well organized and fun to attend. You can choose from card making, page designing, home decor items to jewelers making and mixed media classes. I am sure these is something for you.

No matter what you might pick next time, just make sure to read the descriptions carefully before signing up. Some classes are for beginners (all levels), others might require some knowledge (intermediate or advanced). Also be aware if it is mentioned that the class is fast going that this means fast. Other than that, just have fun ....

Shopping till you drop:

Since we didn't attend any classes I guess you know what we did that day. Yes, shopping and lot's of it. We got to see and talk to many vendors, some new and some old friends. I you attend a show like the MegaMeet, take advantage of all the "Make&Take" that are offered. Talk to the vendors and see the new products they have. I was so thrilled to see "ArtImpressions" at the MegaMeet. For the first time they had their own booth and I took the advantage to see the new stamps they brought. Yes, you can check them out online, but I love to see them in person and how the artist is using them to stamp and color....They also had an awesome deal. One stamp set 40% with your purchase (only on Thursday morning). Watching Wendy and Tim at the Stampers Anonymous booth was also interesting. Stamps by Judith is always worth a stop (and more shopping) and so many other booth are worth stopping and shopping.

If you haven't been to the MegaMeet before, well put it in your calendar now. Here are the dates for 2016:

May 5th, 6th and 7th of 2016

And to get the best deal, make sure to pre-register and buy your tickets ahead. Not only will you safe money, but you will also be able to get in an hour before anyone else, so don't wait ...Hope to see you next year! I will be there :-)

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