May 8, 2015

"Seaside" Page Layout Technique 3

Remember the little package I showed you on page two of the "Seaside" layout? So what is it for and how does it work?

Well, I attached this little package to the page so I could get even more pictures and journaling on my layout. 

To create the bundle...,

cut a strip of cardstock 2 1/2" x 12" and score every 2 1/2". Accordion fold the strip and tie a piece of ribbon around it. Since the squares you scored are 2 1/2" wide, the last one will only be 2". You can leave this one on top or place it on the bottom. 

Adhere the whole bundle, including the ribbon to the page (see picture). Make sure to use strong adhesive for this, since you will be opening and closing the package to see the pictures inside.

Once your page is done, place it into your page protector. Now mark each corner of the bundle on the protector and pull the page out. Insert a cutting mat and use a hole punch (e.g. Fiskars all over the page punch) to punch a hole on each marker. Now use a metal ruler and a craft knife to cut from one hole to the next. Remove the cutting mat and the square you cut from the protector. Insert your page and now you have free access to your bundle of pictures and journaling....If you like to learn this technique and many more, please contact me for upcoming workshops.

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