August 21, 2015

Be creative outdoors - Part II

Watercolors, the technique everyone lately seems to use and I am sure you have seen many different projects so far too. Why do we need watercolors, why can't we just use inks, color pencils or our markers? You can use all of these depending on the type of look you like to archive. 
I have been using watercolor pencils for many years and I think they are a great starting point for everyone who like to try this technique. They are relatively inexpensive and you can use them with most every white cardstock or watercolor paper. You do need a water resistant ink to stamp the image you like to color in. StazOn, Ranger archival ink and Memento are working well. If you don't have any of them, try your regular ink and clear emboss the image before coloring it.
Before you start, test your pencils on a piece of cardstock you intend to use. I usually make a stronger pencil impression and a lite one next to it. Then take a brush (small tip or tank water brushes) and some water (the brush should be almost try to the tough, not super wet) and start activating the color. All you so is brush over the pencil marks and see how the colors even out. You should not see any pencil lines anymore. Some colors blend smoother than others and you can see what the pencil will look like once activated with water. Now you can start coloring your image. You can bring extra movement to your stamped image by shading the image....Come join me in one of the watercolor classes to see how easy it is!
With regular cardstock you want to use less water otherwise the cardstock will bubble. In case you decide to use water color paper, well this will absorb more water and you might have to use a little more.

I will give you some more information about all the shown products and a few more in the upcoming stay tuned!

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