November 22, 2015

Craft Show Pictures

 Thanks to everyone who stopped by last Saturday to see me in Milford at the St.Mary's craft show. You all made my day very special.

Here are a few shots of my set up and all the "paper" items I created for the show. 

In the upcoming days I will show you a closer look on what I created.

Some of these items were inspired by creations of other crafty ladies, which I would like to mention here...Thanks so much Linda Parker and Jasmine Schulze for some great inspiration!

I was able to get individual pictures of almost all the items, but I was so busy from the start that I forgot to get a close up shut from the little chocolate treat boxes and the tea books I made. So for those you have to zoom in on the second picture here on the blog...

The chocolate treats are in the middle, the little star shaped formation of long blue and red boxes. Those were decorated with little penguins and Santa's.

The tea books are on the bottom right of the picture. Cute little book containing some delicious teas.

For all other items stay tuned....

Thanks again and I wish all of you a

"Happy Thanksgiving"  

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