November 16, 2015

Witches Hat Gift Box

A little late, but never-the-less, I thought I should show the cute little witches gift box we made for Halloween.

You can change the colors and decoration and use it for birthday or even Christmas gifts...

I used our Close to My Heart Cartridge "Artiste" (Z3170) to cut the base, the little purple bag. For the hat, you need a circle with a long cutout in the middle, a simple Christmas tree (two of them) and a paper bow. 

The assemble of the hat is quite simple, but will take to long to explain here so contact me if you like to know how it works. Decorate the hat with glitter and stars and place it on the little bag....Your witch is done...or wait, you can ad eyes to the bag and it is complete.

To keep the hat from falling off, I used a paper clip or a clothes pin on the top of the bag and placed the hat over it.....

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