May 13, 2016

A Year of Card Techniques ~ May Blog Hop ~ Spinner Cards

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This month we will be creating spinner cards and you won't want to miss the amazing and fun cards we've got for you today.
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Now on with the projects:

First of here is my version of a spinner card. I did a similar card earlier this year for my little nieces birthday and I fell in love with this little hippo. 

She is just perfect for this technique, since you would need an image that is symmetric and therefore lines up when you place them on top of each other.

So back and front show the same image and when you twirl the little hippo around the the thread a few times and let here go, she is dancing a little hippo ballet.

I took a little video with the first card I made and you can check the link for it on Thursdays post.

This card started as a top fold base. I cut the oval opening, place the thread and hippo inside and covered the edges with my glitter frames (inside the card as well). I cut the stripes from two different hues of pink and arranged them around the oval. Somehow something was missing! I decided to go outside the box and simply cut around the bottom of the strips and created little waves. Next I added an extra piece of white cardstock to the bottom of the inside part of the base which created a flap that is folded back in. I added another strip of dark pink to the front flap and created a nice contrast to the white base. Now all you have to do is twirl the hippo around the thread a few times and let it go...and you have a dancing hippo!

Card number two is a penny card. I found this golfer at the local craft show last weekend and he gave me the perfect base for this card. The stamp set is from Art Impressions. I stamped the image and colored it in with some watercolor pencils. I added some grass around his feet so he wasn't hanging in midair. The golf ball was a bit to small to place on the penny, so I used a larger circle and added more grass, a T and the golf ball. 

A lot of scotch foam tape on the back (you need two layers on top of each other!!!) of the image and the golf ball will roll just fine. I placed the image on a piece of embossed cardstock and onto the card base.

It is so much fun to move the card from one side to the other and see the ball roll around. I will have more detailed instruction on how I made the penny card on my blog on Monday, so check back ;-)

These cards are so much fun to make to to interact with, you have to give them a try.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask and make sure to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy this months projects and as always, we all love to hear from you so please, leave a comment and don't forget to hop along :-)
Here are two tiny videos to see the cards in action. I hope this works...

The Golfer:

The Dancing Hippo:

Up next is the wonderful Denise.

Keep on crafting and don't forget to comment!
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  1. OMG . . . love both of your cards. The gold card is adorable. I think that ballerina hippo is perfection.

  2. so cute! the details on the golfer! just adorable!


  3. You've wowed me once again, but that's no surprise as you always do! I'm so happy to see that cute hippo again and I just love what you did with the card base! The golfer card is just so great! Love them both! I love hopping with you and look forward to seeing what you create each month. Can't wait to read your follow-up posts!

  4. Both cards are too cute. As a golfer myself, I especially like that one.

  5. Love your cards! The hippo is so cute and I love how she spins when you open the card. I think it's great you included video. I tried to do that but it didn't work out. Looking forward to seeing what you make next month.

    A Piece Of Heart Blog
    **Make sure to visit my blog to grab some really great FREE Digi Sentiments.**

  6. Claudia, love them both and the fact that you added little videos showing them in action. That hippo reminds me of Henryetta the dancing hippo from a kids show when I was young. Love it!
    THANKS for hopping with me.

  7. Love them!!! I just might steal the golfing one... Great hopping with you.

  8. I am loving your cards and thank you so much for the videos to see them in action. My chef doesn't move as easily as your golf ball does. Incredible work on both cards.