May 12, 2016

Spinner/ Penny Card Technique - Part 1

This months technique is a really fun one to try and I decided to create of of each card for the spinner and the penny card.

Let's start with the spinner card first:

In my case I picked the super cute Hippo from the Close to My Heart "Safari Ballet"(A1180) stamp set. It is perfect for this technique, because you can stamp the image  twice, cut it out and they both will fit together to create a back and front. Any stamp that is symmetric will work for this technique.

I first created my card base. Next for my project I picked an oval shape, but you can pick any kind. I made sure the oval is bigger than my spinner (hippo) part. Create a cut out where you would like to see the spinner part.

Next I used some glitter paper and a one size bigger oval die to create a frame for the cut out.

I stamped my hippo twice and colored it in with some alcohol markers. You can use any coloring medium for your project. I cut the hippos out and started to assemble the spinner part.

I turned my card base so the fold is on the top and the oval is facing me. I used some thin metallic thread (I bought at Michael's) and bundled like three threads together. I placed small pieces of red sticky tape on the top and bottom center of my cutout. Place the thread bundle on top of the sticky tape. Make sure the threads are placed in the middle of the oval and pulled tied. I covered the threads with another layer of sticky tape and cut the overhanging pieces off. 

Use a nice coat of liquid adhesive on one of the glitter frames and place it around the opening, covering up the sticky tape and threads. Now open the card and place the second oval frame on the inside of the card around the opening.

I took the first cut out hippo, placed it face down on my craft mat. I placed a strip of red sticky tape in the middle of the hippo backside from head to toe. Now move the hippo underneath the threads in the center of the oval. Now ad a good amount of liquid glue to the other hippo cut out and place it on top of the thread and the second one.....kind like a hippo sandwich with a couple of thread pieces in between ;-)

Finish your card and before you sent it out, spin the hippo around the thread a few times (wind it up) and hold it down while placing the card in the envelope. Once you remove the card and open it the little hippo will twirl around.

Check back on Monday for directions to make the penny can see both finished cards on the blog hop on Saturday.

I did make a similar card a few months ago and in the video attached to the post you can see the hippo twirl....CLICK HERE to see it again!

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