May 16, 2016

Spinner/ Penny Card Technique - Part 2

I hope you have enjoyed the fun blog hop this month and in case you missed it, see Saturdays post. Leave a comment and hop along to see what everyone else created...

What is a penny spinner card you might ask? It is an interactive card where an object (here a golf ball) rolls along a channel when you tilt your card from one side to the other. This channel can be a straight or curved one and it can run in any direction and you need two pennies to make the action work.

I had this super cute golfer and thought to have the golf ball roll away from him and back when you tilt the card to the other side.

I stared by stamping the golfer image on one side of my piece of white cardstock. I colored him in and added a few bundles of grass under his shoes so he wouldn't be hanging in midair. 

The size of the penny determines the size of the moving part of this card. The moving part needs to be as big or better a little bigger than the penny. 

Since my golf ball would be a little bit to small, I had to add some grass, a T and the ball on a 1" circle. Next you need two foam circles with adhesive on both sides.

Use one to adhere the prepared 1" circle to the first penny and place the second foam dot on the back of the penny.

Cut a channel where you want the item to roll along. Make sure to leave plenty of space at the end so the circle will stop with the end of your card! The width of your channel is determined by the width of your foam circle on the penny. The foam dot should move easily in the cut channel, but don't make it too big.

Next, place the 1" with the penny in the channel and the other penny on the back of the channel. Adhere the foam dot to the center of the second penny. You can test the run by moving the card back and forth. The penny assembly with the 1" cover should run easily along in the channel.

Now grab a roll of 1/2" double-sided scotch foam tape. Place a row all the way around the prepared cardstock piece. Remove cover of tape and ad a second layer of foam tape to it. Do the same along the opening of the channel to support it a little, but don't block the channel or the end of the channel, which will hinder the pennies from rolling.

Remove the tape from all foam pieces and place your cardstock onto your card base. 

Your spinner part should roll in the channel each time you tilt your card. 

Do not skip out on the foam tape! You need both layers of tape to make sure the pennies move freely.

There are many more versions of spinner and penny cards out, but these to are a great starter project. Give it a try and see how much fun they me if you have questions and don't forget to check out our blog hop! 

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