May 27, 2016

My "Brushed" Layout in a re-designed version

Here is a layout that might look familiar to some of you who are following my blog on a regular base. Well it kinda is an old friend restyled a bit if I might say so...

So what do I mean by that. I happen to come across two of my "Brushed" layout kits. I designed these kits a while ago and thought, well, all parts are pre-cut and the design is pretty much done too so what can I do to change things up a little. Well and this is what I came up with:

I took all my parts out of the kit and put them in front of me. I looked at my old design and started to move things around. Suddenly I thought, why not change the left side of my design by cutting the big photo mat in two and cutting the flower paper square on a diagonal. Voila, here is the re-designed left side. All I added extra were these cute little butterflies.

I moved the flower ensemble between the two photo mats and added the black little stitches for the butterflies and the faux stitching around the jounaling block. 

I did leave the right page in tacked, since I really liked the many photo and journaling possibility. Only a few butterflies were added here and some of the black stitching.

Click here to see the original layout and leave me a comment which one you like better and why.

I really liked the little challenge I placed myself into and it was so much fun that I did the same with two more layouts. So stay tuned for more ideas to come...  

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