April 3, 2015

"Brushed" Page Layout Technique 2

Now that you have an idea how the whole "Brushed" layout looks like, let's talk a little about the extra pockets that I created.

As I mentioned last Friday in my blog, this layout makes it easy for you to access these pockets. All you have to do is place the page in your sheet protector and reach in to pull them out. Since the three pockets are positioned towards the top of the page, there is no need to get fancy!

It is a little different in case your design places the pockets in the middle of the page or towards the bottom. Now it is unlikely that you can access them without pulling the page out of the protector. Well there is a solution of this!

First place you page into the sheet protector. Make sure they are in the correct order, because once we are done you can change it anymore. Now mark each pocket by placing a little dot on each upper corner of the pocket.

Take your page out of the protector and insert a cutting mat. Punch a hole over each dot. You need a hole-punch that will work over the whole page. Once the holes are in, use a craft knife and a metal ruler to connect two holes marking one pocket. I also take a little extra material way form the cut.

Place your page back into the protector and insert the tags through the created slit into the pockets. The hole you punched will prevent the cut from ripping the protector over time.

Like to get more ideas on how to extend your pages....well, come join me in one of my classes to learn how to create these little extras and how to prepare your sheet protectors. Please contact me for class schedules and more...

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