April 24, 2015

Ocean Page Layout "Seaside" - Part II

My right page of the "Seaside" paper pack layout has a little surprise waiting for you. Can you tell what it is?

But,... let's see how the second page is done first. I used four 2 1/2" squares of the "Seaside" (X7192B) design paper and one 2 1/2" x 5" rectangle piece of sunset cardstock. I also planed to use five 2 1/2" square photos on this side.

To make sure the block of squares, photos and the rectangle line up with the block of photos and title on the first page, proceed the following:

Place this page next to the first one and match the striped border and paper and photos with the layout on the first page. 

I then stamped the sailboat with chocolate ink in the right lower corner, right at the edge of the striped border. I stamped and tore the fence like I did on the firs page, this time the strip is going across the whole page. I adhere the fence with some foam dots to the page.

Well, ...  and then there was the little surprise. See this little package on the right here? Do you like to know how to make one?

Stay tuned to find out how to make the bundle and how to prepare your page protector so you can access your package without taking the page out of the protector.

This layout as well as all others shown on my blog are available to purchase as kits, just contact me for more information...

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