June 26, 2015

One last Travel Picture to share

Speaking of traveling around the world... we spend the last two nights of our castle tour in a small town close to Lake Constanz.

Upon arrival at the hotel my husband saw these flags flying outside the hotel. Beside the German, Austrian and Swiss flag he notice this blue one... but neee this couldn't be. Or was it?

When the owner of the hotel came out to greet us we had to ask: "Is this the Michigan flag?" ... Yes indeed it is, how do you know she asked us back.

Well, we are from Michigan.....and guess what! He son is living in Royal Oak and was supposed to come home the week after we went there. The lady told us, she just put the flag up two days earlier and her brother in law made fun of her..."Yeah, as ever someone from Michigan will stay at your hotel!"

Well....never say never! So far we met some Michigander on every trip we took in Germany :-) Small world isn't it?   

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