June 5, 2015

Travel pictures you will enjoy - Part 1

Have you any idea what this monument is? Well, while we were visiting my family in Germany we took a little trip south and visited some of the beautiful castles.

What the Americans call "Cinderella Castle" is really the castle of "Neuschwanstein" near the town Fuessen. "Neuschwanstein" was built by "crazy" Ludwig, the Bavarian King, but never finished.

 Yes, you heard right, it is not finished. Although the outside is finished, the inside only offers 6 rooms completed. It was never lived in and to this day remains unfinished. On the right you see a shot form our bedroom in the hotel. Well... the satellite dish is not a great embellishment, but you can't have it all :-)

Not many people know that "crazy" Ludwig built two more castles and like this one, "Herrenchiemgau" was never finished either. We didn't visited this one, but right across from the famous "Schloss Neuschwanstein" you can see Ludwig's birth home, "Hohenschwangau" castle. A beautiful Moroccan- Maurisch inspired style. A wonderful "small" castle with a beautiful garden and even more impressive inside. A must see while you are there...

Last but not least we visited King Ludwigs only finished castle, "Schloss Linderhof". Tuck away behind hills and trees you can't even see the castle form the parking lot or entrance. A little walkway guides you around a hillside and there it is. Sadly we didn't had much sun that day and since it was April, not many of the flowers and trees were in bloom, but it was still impressive to visit. The King lived here about 6 months of the year and although it is the smallest of his creations, it is the best. 

Whenever you might visit the region, don't just stop at the "Cinderella" one, make sure to see the many other castles in the region...  

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