July 22, 2016

Annual Idea Book 2016 -2017 - Sneak Peek One

The countdown started... 10 more day until the brand new Close To My Heart Annual Idea Book will be going life. As a consultant, we get to see the new books a few weeks ahead of everyone else...Yes, that's only one of the perks of being a consultant :-)

Many changes have been made too the books over time and the new book will be no exception. As we change over time, so does the Annual Idea Book and the Seasonal Expressions Books coming later in the year. You can check the new Idea Book out online starting August 1st, click HERE to start browsing.  So lets sneak and see what's happening:

The list of products that will retire by the end of this month has been out for a while and when you check my blog HERE, you will see the section "Going Soon" which contains all papers, inks, stamps etc that won't be available after July 31st. So make sure to order them before the new Idea Book goes life!

I have received a couple of emails regarding concerns of items listed, so let's start with these:

- Inks:
No, not all our ink pads and colors are retiring!!! Our ink pads have been re-designed and will come might a magnetic closure in the future, therefore all "old" pads are on the retiring list. Take advantage of them while they last, since the new ink pads will be about $1 more.
There is a change of 7 New Colors in the "Adventure" pallet, which leaves "Pacifica", "Lagoon"and "Cranberry" of the old pallet and adds the following new colors to it: Pansy, Emerald, Willow, Lemon, Tangerine, Blossom and Raspberry

- Flip Flaps:
No, they are not leaving us!!! The package and sizes have been changed for the new season. 3x4 and 4x6 will come back, but the package will only have 12 instead of 15 flaps in it. They will have 6 of each with the adhesive on the long and short side. The 12" combo-pack is no longer available (sold out) and will be replaced by a pack of 12 flaps 6x12. There will also be new sizes of flaps coming your way. So if you like the "old" packages, make sure to click HERE and order them while they last!
UPDATE 7/25 Flip Flap 4x6 are sold out!

- Paper Packs:
This is a very exciting change to our existing paper packs. The annual Idea Book will contain only the "Fundamental Paper Pack". These are re-designed and come in the three basic color pallets: Whimsy, Adventure and Enchantment. 24 sheets, 2 of each double-sided designs come in one package. Wording, stripes, dots, you named it, they are all mixed up in these packs. The Basic color packs are split up even more ...Wood, Gold, Silver, Acetate to name only a few and all 12x12! 

This is only a little sneak peek on what is coming on August 1st. Stay tuned and check back next week so find out more about the new and exciting things coming for 2016 - 2017. The online version of the Close To My Heart Annual Idea Book 2016-17 can be seen on my website starting August 1st. Click HERE to see the new Idea Book! If you are interested in personal copy of the Idea Book, please contact me for more information on how to get it home!

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