July 6, 2016

Flower Vase - Best Wishes

In April we had a really fun theme for the monthly blog hop "A Year of Techniques"..."Shaker Cards". Those were so much fun to make that I couldn't stop making them.

This one is a more simple shaker version, but I really like it. It was one of the first tries I had and I decided to use only one layer of foam tape around the shaker portion. Don't skip on the tape when create yours! I only filled a few sequins inside the vase and that's why mine is still somewhat shaking, but the space between the layers is very narrow. Any objects that might had been thicker would not have moved around.

Check back to a post of my "Do's and Don'ts" in the shaker card making process by clicking... HERE !

The vase is stamped on some watercolor paper and so are the three flowers. I colored the vase with some watercolors and cut the center of the vase with my craft knife out. For the flowers I used my ZIG Real Brush markers since they have a nice bright color. 

I couldn't fine a fitting stamp for the flower stems, so I used my .5 journaling pen to hand draw them. I placed my watercolor paper over the colored background paper and drew the lines on the inside of the vase and on the top, leaving a space where the rim of the vase is.
I colored them with a little green watercolor paint and the illusion is perfect.

This shaker card technique was so much fun and if you missed the hop, click here and check it out. Jan, Feb and Mar were also great technique and you can find them here on the blog too (click on the Blog Hop label).

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