July 18, 2016

Watercolor Technique: Paint

Last but not least, let have a look at watercolor paint. I have a set of Gansai Tambi watercolors which are awesome, but not cheap. If you decide to invest into a set, make sure you made yourself familiar with water coloring and the different techniques otherwise you might get overwhelmed with these.

They are very creamy and vibrant. You need watercolor paper to archive the best results.

In the sample below I used a more advanced technique. I stamped my image with Ranger distress ink "linen" onto watercolor paper. The distress ink will leave only a light image and since it is a water-based ink, it will disappear in your color and leave a no-line image behind.
I started with flower petals that weren't touching, so the water soaking into the paper would not mix with the next one. Make sure the colored petal is dry before you start on the one butting up to it. Little by little I filled in the petals, making sure to use different hues of a color to shape the flowers and leafs.

For the finishing touch, after all my flowers and leafs were dry, I added a little bit color to the background. I added more color round the image and feathered it out towards the edges. Always making sure not to get into the already colored flowers and leafs.

There are so many more techniques you can try with these colors, but for now that the one I have documented.... need to keep creating :-)

See more finale images on tomorrows post....Thanks for joining me for this little excursion and if you are interested in learning some of these techniques or trying out some of the water color mediums, let me know and we can schedule a little class to get you started.

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