October 9, 2015

Part 1: "Island of Mainau" Pages (Mosaic Technique)

Remember the vacation pictures I had on my blog a few months ago? Castles and flowers from a little trip in Germany we took earlier this year. 

Well here are the first (almost finished) pages from our trip. Yes, I finally started on a regular base to scrap our vacation pictures and you will be able to see a few of them here on my blog. Fridays is usually "page" day.

I established a monthly page workshop with two wonderful ladies were we get to work on our own pages. Lot's of fun and we get finally something done ....yeahhh

So lets go over the pages for a moment. We took so many wonderful pictures that is was really hard for me to narrow them down. But always remember, a few good ones are all you need. I actually started with the right side of the layout first. 

Hard to believe, but I used 10 photos on this one page! They are cropped, but this mosaic technique (special paper needed!) allows you to blend multiple different photos or part of photos to one nice collage. I kept two of my favorite shots intact and use some of the many flower ones to fill in the rest. Each little square is 1" and a little journaling block rounds this collage up. 

For the left page I have chosen a more simple layout to offset the busy mosaic on the right. I used the same accent colors in between to photos to connect with the right page. I still need to do some journaling, a title and maybe add some ticket stubs to the page. 

Like to learn the mosaic technique? Contact me....stay tuned....more to come!

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