October 16, 2015

Part 2: "Island of Mainau" Pages

How many times have you seen layouts in magazines or during craft shows that were so wonderful decorated? How many times have you asked yourself, how much time it would take to make these?
I did and I know how much time and material goes into such projects. But let's be honest, I am not creating all my pages in such a elaborate style. Once in while, when I have a shot of a lifetime, I will go over the top with a layout, but for the most part....no way! 

For me it is all about the pictures and therefore the way I position them to tell my story. This layout here is a perfect example. The island of Mainau is known for the tremendous amount of flora and fauna they have. In the middle of the Island you will find the castle with the attached chapel and the solarium. I did trim the photos a bit to create the pyramid shaped layout. 

So what did I end up using for this layout? Two pieces of 12" x 12" cardstock from Close to My Heart in barn red, two small pieces of design paper from the Pathfinding paper pack and four pieces of scrap cardstock that I found in my stack!

I will add a title to this page and out tickets from the entrance and maybe a little bling (like pearls or rhinestones if needed). Oh and most important a little journaling block. So even with just a few pieces of paper you can create a wonderful layout...or what do you think?

If you have difficulties to find a perfect layout for your pictures, try one of our awesome books. Close to My Heart has two booklets which contain page layouts and a few card ideas. They are called "Make it from your heart" Volume 1 (9035) and Volume 2 (9042). You can also try one of the other books from the "How-To Program". They are bigger than the booklets and contain therefore more layouts. But if you just want to test the books, go with the booklets first....You will get the other once later anyway ;-)

Like to join a monthly crop or need some support in creating your own pages...contact me, I am happy to help!

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