October 30, 2015

Part 4: "Island of Mainau" Pages (Multiples)

So after I took care of the flowers form the garden I was faced with a boat load of wonderful orchid photos. All these wonderful close-ups, but how do I get them on my pages?

Inspired by the last flower page I did, I thought "Why not stick with the same design?". 

I created three piles of flowers...red/ orange, pink/ purple and everything else.

Next I determined which part of each photo was my focal point. Knowing that I wanted to keep three rows. It turned out one row with three photos of 3 1/2" square size and two rows with two photos 3 1/2" wide and 5" long. 

Keeping the same layout for all three pages makes it not only easier for your eyes to look at, it is also less complicated for you to create the pages.

I decided to keep the bigger pictures on the outsides and the three smaller once in the middle. This gives me a little room for journaling. 

I continued with the black cardstock as my background since this was the only color that worked with the photos. Color enhancing and still showing off each flower.

Matting was not an option at this point, because I felt that this simple way of display was enough. I have some of the Orchids names and I plan to write them underneath the pictures with a white gel pen. I don't think I will ad anything else. Let the flowers speak for themselves.

You can always use one of the new pocket sheet protectors to make it really easy. Mixing them with your regular scrapbook pages is a great way to get a lot of pictures scraped.

Close to My Heart offers a "Memory Protectors Variety Pack" (Z3026) of these pocket sheets. Or try one of the "Flip-Flaps" (also available in 12" length) to add more pictures.  

If you like to know more about this technique or how to use the pocket protectors or the flip-flaps, let me know, I would love to help you.

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