October 23, 2015

Part 3: "Island of Mainau" Pages (Pocket Protectors)

As I mentioned before, the Island of Mainau is known for the flora and fauna they call home. Many exotic plants grow here, but also many native species. So which of the many wonderful photos should I take? That was my biggest question. Especially since we had the chance to explore an orchid exhibition during our visit.

First I took the close ups form the flowers we captured in the gardens. I places them on a piece of black design paper from the "Snowflake" paper pack from Close to My Heart. I cropped the pictures to about 3 1/2" and kept one picture a bit longer. 

Why did I use black as a background? Black enhances the bright and vibrant colors of the flowers even more. It also makes each flower stand out on its own. I tried other backgrounds, but somehow the flowers got lost. To off set them even a bit more, I matted four of them with some yellow cardstock.

If you have many photos form one subject, like nature, a football game of your kits etc...you might want to try the new pocket pages that are out there. This makes it even easier to crop them and all you have to do is put them in the pockets. Try it and mix them up with your regular scrapbook pages....

Stay tuned for more flower pages next week...

If you like to scrapbook or need some help or just want to join a monthly group, let me know...

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