April 20, 2016

"Safari Ballet" - Hippo Birthday Card

Where there is a giraffe, there has to be a hippo too right? I guess you might ask yourself right now: "What is she talking about?" ...:-)

It is the super cute Close to My Heart stamp set "Safari Ballet" (A1180) which I have used quite often lately. I presented you the little giraffe shaker card last week and this is the other half of the duo. 

Yes, another shaker card! I told you they are addicting. Design and assemble are like the first one, just the giraffe is swapped for the hippo. 

How to make a shaker card and how to avoid some of the common mistakes is explained in more detail in my blog post "Shaker Card Techniques" and you can read up on it right HERE...

I hope you will try a shaker card yourself and if you have questions or like to join a class, please feel free to email me.

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