April 10, 2016

Shaker Card Technique

Welcome to this months technique "Shaker Cards". This post is normally on my blog the Thursday before our monthly "Blog Hop" starts, but time got away from me...so sorry.

Well, let's see how difficult it is to create a shaker card. The good news, it is not complicated at all. The bad news, once you get a hold of this technique it is addicting:-).

So, what do you need to get started?

- design papers and cardstock (I am sure you have plenty of that ;-) )
- a sheet of clear acetate or thin plastic. (Thin plastic from packaging materials will work too)
- Thick foam pieces with adhesive on both sides. If you uses Scott's foam tape like I did here, you need to double it!
- and last but not least, filling material for your shaker part. This could be tiny beads, sequins, etc. Everything small and thin will work.

For beginners, you might want to start with a more simple shape for your shaker window. A circle, square or like I used here a star is perfect. You can also cut out your own shape with a craft knife or scissors (see the "Best Wishes" card with the vase I made).

Measure your paper that will go on the front of your card. Cutting it after the shaker is done will be super difficult. Next punch, die-cut or hand cut your shape were you like your shaker window to be. 

If you plan on stamping any phrases or words to the front of your card, do it now!!! Once the shaker is done you will not be able to do it anymore.

Cut a piece of your acetate/ plastic that will cover the opening graciously with a nice amount of plastic around the cut out. Next you will need your foam tape.

As I mentioned, I used Scott's foam tape 1/2" wide. I tried to use only one layer of the tape in the example on the right here. It did work with just those few sequins in it, BUT it is not shaking a lot. You need to double the layer of foam tape to archive the right shaking motion. 

I cut a long strip of my foam tape and adhered it together with a second strip (same length). Now I have my two layers perfectly lined up. I then cut the strip lengthwise in half so I ended up with two 1/4" strips. These will be plenty wide to close in the shaker part.

Start adding the foam tape around your opening, not into the opening! Position the tape slightly away from the opening and cute segments so you don't waste too much tape.  

Make sure that all your foam tape segments around the cut out are touching each other so there is no gap between them. Make sure of it, otherwise your shaker filling will fall out!!! 

Now you are ready to fill the shaker opening. You can put in as much filling as you want. Once you have all the content inside, remove the backing of the tap. 

To make it easier to position your shaker card on to your card base, cut a piece of cardstock or design paper slightly bigger than the foam taped area. Remember the paper you choose for this will be seen through the front shaker portion. Now place the piece on the foam tape and press down good along the shaker opening. This will seal the shaker pieces inside.

Now place a few more double stacked foam piece on the edge of your shaker front and place some glue on the paper you just added. Adhere it to your card base.

Decorate as desired :-)


Filling the shaker card can be done in different ways. I found this to be the easiest way. You can also dry-fit your prepared front onto your card base, add a pile of your filling in the middle of the card base where the shaker opening will be and carefully set the shaker front on top. Disadvantage of this method...you only have one shot to get the front straight on and/or filling pieces can get stuck on the tape.

In reverse, you prepare your front, place the filling inside the shaker opening and then place the card base on top. Again...only one shot to get things straight together!

One last option is to prepare your base. Take the front (without the plastic inside) place it over the base and mark the opening with a pencil. Remove front and prepare with clear window cover. Now add your foam tape to the markings on your card base. Stay always to the outside of the shape with the tape and make sure no openings are between the pieces left. Now fill the inside with shaker filling and place card front(including plastic!!!) with opening on top. Again, only one shot to get the positioning right. You have to work super exact with this one or leave a bigger margin around your drawing to ensure the foam tape will not stick inside the opening.

Once you have finished the first one, you will see how easy it really is and I am sure you gonna love it too.

Please leave a comment/ question here on the blog and don't hesitate to email me if you have questions or like to order something.

Happy crafting and stay tuned...more pictures of this months card technique will follow...

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  1. Very cute cards! Love all of your tips and tricks, too! Great hopping with you!