April 29, 2016

Frozen - Olaf and Olaf - Page Layout

Here is another sample of a Frozen layout I made. This time I picked Olaf as the main character and the nice Frozen title to go with it.

Let talk a bit about how to start one of these layouts. I usually look at the characters I pick and take my inspiration from there. For example, Olaf is a snowman after all, so snow, snowflakes, whites and blues and a bit of glitter would work great here.

Looking through my stack of papers I found a design paper with white, blue and red dots on it. It's a Christmas paper, but I think more of winter of it and the red gives a little pop of color to the layout. Next I picked a dark blue cardstock pulled from the Frozen title and a light blue cardstock picked from the title and Olaf's mouth. These are the main three papers I used here. 

Try to keep the amount of different papers used in a layout to 3-4. This will make it easier for you to create your design. Make sure you add a neutral color to the group, white, cream, brown, grey or black for example. 

As I mentioned before, all these fun characters and the title were cut with the Cricut Explore. Lot's of layers and tiny pieces, but worth the effort. The beauty of using a Cricut cutting machine is that beside cutting different size, you can easily mirror the image which gives you even more layout options. 

With all the colors and the fun and crazy character I picked, I thought a layout with many squares would be a great idea. I cut my three papers in 3" x 3" squares and rounded the corners. The hard part was to lay them down in a pattern that looks random, but will not place two of the same color next to each other. Once the squares were place I looked at a rather busy design. To bring it all together, I decided to use plain Daisy White cardstock as my background paper. 

In the next step I adhered all my squares to the background. If you are not sure the previous layout of your squares will be the one you end up using, place them on the white cardstock without adhering. I often also add my characters, title and embellishments (here the snowflakes) to it. This makes it easy to see the almost finished pages and you can easily move things around and see if other option might work better....I call this "Dry Fitting"! Sometimes an idea I started with changes during this process.

If I am happy what I see I start putting things in place with adhesive. I usually add the characters with foam dots to the pages. Title and squares are glues direct to the paper. Some squares might be on foam dots depending on how much more 3d effect I need.

The extra white squares (2 3/4") are added to a few colored squares. Those can be uses for photos or as journaling etc. Depending on the amount of photos you have, you can always use any of the other squares as photo mats as well. Snowflakes are added with foam dots and I used blue rhinestones as snowballs for the juggling Olaf's. Once everything was adhered I looked at my layout and still, something was missing. I decided to add hand-drawn stitching around the pages and some of the squares. 

Each layout is individual and depending on the the characters different colors and designs are used. Try it yourself and see how much fun it can be to make a layout for your photos.

You can join me for a page making class working on layouts specifically fitting your photos. Like to order a layout? No problem, whatever it is you like to know or do, email me for more information. Come join me and see how easy it can be. Stay tuned for more to come ...

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