July 17, 2017

New Close to My Heart Annual Idea Book Sneak Peek - Part 2

Welcome to my sneak peek no.2 of the upcoming Close to My Heart Annual Idea Book 2017 - 2018.

Let's talk a little about the Close to My Heart cardstock and the different colors that are offered. The cardstock is divided into 4 categories, basic, whimsy, adventure and enchantment. It has a white core and is of superb quality. So what has changed you might ask? Well, only more good things were added :-)

The basic colors have been update so you will have more varieties of grey and brown in it. Black and white have been taken out of the sets and will be available for as separate sets for purchase.

But the best NEW feature is the two hues of color on each sheet. One side has the normal dark ton of the color and the other side has a lighter version of the same color. Two for the price of one, we like that right? Sometime you work with a color and you wish you could have it a little lighter, well now you can choose. This will give you 10 colors per category plus and extra 10 for the back side of each paper....so the color palette grew from 40 to 80....awesome.

The annual Idea Book also contains 4 specialty fundamental paper packs based on the 4 cardstock color categories. These papers come with different colors and designs all based on the 4 categories.

Basic Fundamental Pack:
The colors are your neutrals (grays, browns, beige) and the designs varies from dots & strips, flowers & letters/ writing to some really cool texture designs. 

This is an awesome paper pack to have. If you need a good basic design paper pack, get this one for sure.

Whimsy Fundamental Pack:
The colors here are you lighter, pastel colors.
The design contains dots and strips, flowers and more graphic designs like chevron.

This pack is a perfect companion for the "Whimsy Combo Cardstock" pack. If these are your colors get the cardstock and match it with this neutral design paper pack and you can create pages and cards galore.

Adventure Fundamental Pack:
The colors are your brights. I call them the summer palette. The design of this fundamental package contain flowers & hearts, strips & ombre backgrounds and some marbled design. Many look like watercolor images with makes them really interesting. Love how the this set plays off the bright card-stocks that match this set.
This is another of my favorites, lots of potential :-)

Enchantment Fundamental Pack:
These colors are matching your darks from the cardstock palette. I call them my fall colors since they contain the deep greens, red and blues as well as the darker yellows. The design is bold on some of the papers and more settled on others. You will get strips, dots and letters on one part and really light background designs with strips and geometric items on the rest. A wonderful pallet of colors for the boys and men in you life.

While the current cardstock supplies are already running out, Close to My Heart has decided to make those colors that are gone for good available in the new version. You will also be able to order all four combo cardstock sets right away, even so the new Idea Book isn't life yet.

Isn't this exciting? :-) Have a look at the brand new colors by clicking HERE to see them online.

So, what else is new? All these packages come with corresponding ribbon sets, where you get 4 different kinds in one set matching your paper pack. Great value and lots of different possibilities. 
There are also matching embellishment kits with stickers, glitter items etc available.

Overall, the new annual Idea Book has a lot of brand new fundamental paper packs and cardstock combos for you available. These are the basic for any crafter. The current and upcoming designer paper packs will work in combination of both of the pack groups here shown. I don't think the fundamental papers have been given enough credit in the past, but I think these ones will change your mind :-) I think they are a great opportunity and if you live in my area, you can always drop by and see samplers of each paper.

Well, I hope you enjoy these little sneak peek and use them as a guide to brows through the upcoming new Idea Book. Sometimes things get lost and I hope this will give you some more ideas to see what possibilities are coming your way. Email me if you have questions or comment below. Like to become a consultant yourself, I will be more than happy to help you get started in my team....email me.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks to come. Next Mondays will be ??? Hm??? I just say Cricut ;-)

See you soon


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