July 31, 2017

New Close to My Heart Annual Idea Book Sneak Peek - Part 4

Welcome to the final sneak peek no. 4 of the upcoming Close to My Heart Annual Idea Book 2017 - 2018.

Over the past three Mondays we peeked into some of the new and exciting products coming your way....starting tomorrow :-) You will be able to see the Annual Idea Book online on my website...click here on August 1st...!

I do have a few more little sneaks and this time let's talk about stamps and dies:

 There are multiple bundles of stamps with matching dies coming in August. From birds and elephants with balloons to flowers and more....while you can by the stamps individually, the these matching dies can only be bought with the stamps in a bundle. 

Here is a wonderful example of a new flower set with matching dies. Love the new layered stamping possibilities which makes your images really look like 3-d. This is only one of many examples and they will be available for the whole year.

Finally, more stamps in the category phrases and poetic quotes are coming back in the new book. From the standard "Thank You", "Birthday", "Condolences" to funny phrases and really versatile combos. Everything is covered.

"Hey y'all"....How about this little southern gem? Oh and did I mention a super funny crafting quotes set? We need a stamp for us too right? LOL

Background stamps, these are stamps you can never have enough off. 
No matter if you like to create your own background paper designs or if you just like to make accents or backgrounds for tags etc...these stamps always come in handy. 
So while browsing through the Idea Book, check out all the new background stamps big and small that are in it.

Finally, we can't miss out on those stamps that can be used all year round for so many occasions. 

Here is one for all the dog lovers in your live, but there are more.... one for the male side in your live and one for the female...yes it covers, dad, husband, brother, nephew, brother-in-law, father, mother, aunt, nice, sister etc....there are simply to many brand new stamps in the book so have fun browsing.

Last but not least, while a few well loved tools are gone, some new must haves are in.

This new trimmer from Fiskars is one of these must haves. I have the previous version and love it since it has the while cutting surface. Yes, all the way up to 6" without having to open the arm. So what is so much better about this one you ask?

This version uses a heavy duty reinforced aluminium cutting rail. This rail will not bend if you push a little to hard on your cutting blade, so your cuts are always straight. It is using a regular blade, not a rotary blade, but you need the cutting blades made for this trimmer. They have the blade on one side and a plastic piece that wraps around the metal rail. Both are in the annual book. On of my must haves form the new Idea Book.

Well, this is it for the sneak peeks. I hope you enjoyed the little excursion and have fun browsing through the Idea Book starting tomorrow. 

Please contact me if you have question regarding products, consultant sign up or other issues. I would love to hear from you. 

Thank you for joining me 
 look out for tomorrows post with the link to the 
new Close to My Heart Annual Idea Book 2017 - 2018


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