March 16, 2014

Birthday Cupcake

This month we had two different Card workshops and you will get to see the first four cards in the upcoming days. The second set of four cards will be Easter cards, so stay tuned because there some very special Easter Cards to come.

But today we start with a Birthday Muffin Card. This card opens in the middle and the muffin as well as the Happy Birthday banner holding the card closed.

The muffin was cut out with the Cricut machine and our Close To My Heart Art Philosophy cartridge. There are two parts to the muffin. The bottom layer is stamped with the corresponding muffin design that comes with the cartridge. I enhanced the swirls a little bit with some green and sparkle glitter glue. Make sure to let the glue dry all the way before you assemble the muffin. The top layer was inked on the edges and also got a little bit of glitter glue. Once both parts are dry, place the blue part with foam dots onto the bottom part.

The banner was stamped in Indian Corn Blue and Sweat Leaf Green. Once stamped, cut the banner out and put it aside.
The inside paper piece was stamped with a funny birthday saying before I adhered it in the center of the card.
Now you fold both sides back to close the card. The outside of the card was decorated with a light blue cardstock piece and a striped design paper piece on each side

First adhere the striped paper in the center of the light blue one. Then adhere the assembled piece in the center of the front panels. There are two panels and each will be decorated the same way. Use a black pen to indicate a little stitching in the corners.

Now place your Birthday banner on the front of the card. Make sure the ends are within the card base. Adhere two big foam dots underneath the Birthday part of the banner (the right side) and place the only on the right side of the card. One closure of the card is done.
Now take the muffin and dry fit it on the front of the card, above the banner and halfway onto the left side. Place another two big foam dots on the underside of the muffin so you can adhere the muffin to the left side of the card. Your second closure is done.
Both items should hold the card closed. You can embellish with more bling if you like....stay tuned for more

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