March 24, 2014

You totally Rock Treat

Here is another whoooo idea for a little sweet treat. Yes, more chocolate treat for the crop. I told you, you can't go with out them....and they were a hit. They might be all gone, but you still could get your own sets to fill...

This is another variation of the M&M treats I made for the crop I attended last week. 

What a sweet way to say "You totally Rock"?

Love the owls and did you see how her eyes are glittering? They are so cute and what an idea for your upcoming graduation party?

No matter what occasion you are looking at, these treats can be made to fit any party. Contact me on how to get your own special party surprise home
All you need are sweets to fill, everything else will be in the kit and ready to go. What are you waiting for?...Looking forward to hearing form you...

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