December 9, 2015

Christmas Ornament Card 2

Ok here is the little story behind this card ..ops..

Busy day, many cards to prepare for class and I was working on my last set. I always make two sample cards so my ladies in class will know how the card can look like.... some follow close my design others are more free spirited...everything works for me!

Well, as I said, a long day and my last set... first I wondered why my papers fitted right on the base without leaving a white strip on each side. I measured and well, everything was cut correctly...checked the base and guess what???Yes, this one was of by a 1/4"...ok this explains it right? Right!

I am just about done and placed my phrase onto the card when my husband walks in..."Hi honey...oh what a cute card, but..." I said "but what?"...."well, is there a reason why you put Christmas before Merry???"
"I did WHAT????"..."Oh snap and the glue is already dry....oh well!" I wasn't even thinking, I just thought that it looked good...ops!
Well, nobody is perfect and even we make mistakes LOL...

My ladies had a great idea...they told me to put "is" between the words and I am good to go...awesome idea :-)

By the way, none of them copied my mistake....

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