December 11, 2015

Pillar Candle Boxes

Candles are always a nice gift to give, don't you agree? I found tree lovely smelling pillar candle (the candle fills in the whole box size up to the part where the top folds in) and they were perfect for this little project.

The base for each box is folded from Close to My Heart cardstock and decorated with different design paper strips. 

I used glitter glue to finish the design on the outside. Sometimes it is places around the design papers, sometimes I just enhanced parts of the design on the paper, all depending on the overall look and decoration I added to the box.

The top of this box folds into a wonderful star pattern that is held together with a strip of ribbon.

I punched holes into each star segment and run the ribbon through so it would come together into a nice bow at the front of the box.

The blue paper reminded me of icicles and snow so what better ribbon and extra trim color than white and silver... 

... and what better decoration than pretty snowflakes at the end of the silver trim? I cut the snowflakes from one of our Close to My Heart exclusive Cricut cartridges. I adhered two together, sandwiching the trim between them.

Naturally I had to make a few different versions with different here they are:

 If you would like to make a project like this or if you like to order them as a gift, please contact me. Stay tuned for more gift ideas to come ...

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