December 18, 2015

Wine Bottle Boxes/ Sleeves

Giving wine as a little "Thank You" gift to your host is quite common and so is the challenge of wrapping it. Right?

Well you can buy these little long gift bags, but that's what everyone does, so why not make your gift stand out and use something different this time.

I made these "fancy" wine bottle sleeves or boxes as you can call them. They fit nice and tide around your bottle of wine and all that will peak out on the top is the neck of your bottle.

Each one is made out off different cardstock and design papers from Close to My Heart. All decorations were also uniquely picked matching the papers. Here is the "Candy Cane" version. The paper is enhanced with glitter glue along the striped design. A clear Christmas ornament, some artificial pine greens and Cricut cut out snowflakes are used along some pretty glitter ribbon to decorate this sleeve. 

For this sleeve I used the polka-dot paper that was enhanced with glitter glue on some of the dots. 

Silver ribbon, white shimmer ornament, a few white glitter stars and some artificial pine greens decorate this sleeve

Similar decoration with this one...pine green, silver ornament, white ribbon and red glitter ornaments for the one shown above.

All tops look like the picture shown on the left here. You open the box by carefully pull the ribbon wider from the back to the front. Place your bottle inside and start pulling the ribbon tied towards the back again. The paper flaps will go above and under all the way around so you end up with a nice rosette. The excess ribbon on the back is simply tied into a knot and you are ready to go...

If you like to make these sleeves or if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me for more information. Stay tuned for more pictures...

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